City Paper: National Republicans Are Pumping Money Into the Push to Recall Charles Allen

Excerpt from February 12th article in the Washington City Paper.
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Since launching this long-shot campaign a few weeks ago, several local news organizations (and a few national ones) have breathlessly reported its progress. The anti-Allen group’s recent announcement that it raised an eye-popping $56,000 in just its first month of existence only intensified that interest, generating several detailed profiles of the various Capitol Hill denizens who say they’re just so fed up with rising crime that they’re ready to turn their attention to local politics for once in order to oust Allen. And all along the way, the recall campaign’s organizers have insisted— vigorously—that this is an effort led by Democrats at wit’s end with one of their own, with some articles stressing the pivotal role various lobbyists, fundraisers, and even Congressional staff from the national party have played in this work.

The recall may be spearheaded by some Democrats, but the numbers show it’s being funded heavily by Republicans. It took a bit of research, but LL found that nearly half of the group’s 400 donors are either currently working for GOP members of Congress or otherwise tied to the Republican party.