What's At Stake?

From his first swearing-in, Charles Allen has delivered for Ward 6 and the District, championing laws that make the District a better place. Here’s a snapshot of what Charles is working on and what he’s already accomplished on behalf of Ward 6 neighbors.

Recent Examples of Charles’ Leadership

Consider just this current Council Period (since 2023), where Charles has led on or had a major role in the following issues:

  • Shepherded through a significant traffic safety bill that gives teeth to DC’s traffic camera enforcement with new tools to crack down on dangerous drivers no matter if they’re from DC, Maryland, or Virginia (or elsewhere).
  • Streamlined the law to help small and local businesses operate with less red tape and protect local restaurants from abuse by big tech delivery apps.
  • Provided the Alcoholic Beverage and Cannabis Agency enforcement powers for illegally operating, so-called “I-71” pot shops that sell unregulated products, take up space on our corridors, and attract crime and guns.
  • Committed our fair share for Metro this year to help WMATA avoid serious service cuts. Charles is determined to secure dedicated, permanent funding for our Metro system.
  • Pushed for the Secure DC Act to include regular “shooting reviews” to bring greater coordination among law enforcement after every shooting, as well as coordination among non-law enforcement partners focused on the small group of people most likely to be involved in gun violence.
  • Ensured carjacking laws reflect recent court rulings and will hold people who commit harm accountable.
  • Created and funded DC’s forthcoming e-bike rebate for DC residents, with a clear eye toward equity that will help more people own an e-bike. The program provides a more generous rebate for lower income riders and covers the cost for modifications for people with disabilities.

Charles’ Record of Accomplishments for Ward 6:

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